Friday Fish Taco Fest

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"Friday Fish Taco Fest" by Rachelle Killackey


Corn tortillas white fish (whatever I find in the grocery store that week like cod or tilapia) FUD® Queso Cotija Mexican Style Grating Cheese Shredded lettuce or cabbage Fish taco sauce: Sour cream, adobo sauce, lime juice, mayonnaise, garlic powder


Bake white fish as directed (if I have more time, I will batter and fry the fish) cut cabbage or lettuce into small strips heat tortillas over the open flame on my gas stove (add a little char) Combine ingredients for fish taco sauce and set aside Put FUD Queso Cotija in a bowl for self-serving Assemble tortillas and fish Let family assemble toppings as they see fit! Grub, grub, grub!!!